Employees and the working environment

Employee policy

The physical and mental work environment in focus

We do this because our employees are our most valuable resource. Therefore, it is perfectly natural that we make every use to optimize both the physical and mental working environment in both our factories. We do this, among other things, by working with our employee policy.

Our employees are our most valuable resource

  • We believe that happy and satisfied employees ultimately also provide happy customers and other business partners.
  • We must all thrive in our daily lives – both professionally and when we are off duty.
  • Our success is created by a pleasant work environment, where we respect each other and have a common goal.
  • It must be nice to go to work, which is why we are constantly working to optimize our working conditions.

At KSM Group, we want to make sure that all employees are happy with their work. Therefore, we have developed several policies and guidelines to ensure that everyone can perform their best under as good conditions as possible.

These initiatives are summarized in our employee handbook. The employee handbook is handed out to all employees upon employment.

Our committed employees have extensive experience, and our customers benefit from the fact that we handle complicated orders and solutions.


Working environment and employee policy